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March has arrived: The ideal month to begin planning the construction of your underground pool!


March is finally here! It’s time to start planning our spring cleaning and renovation projects. After all, the month of March is synonymous with “renewal”. That is why, in that same spirit, we are offering you some tips and guidance to help you undertake the construction of your future underground pool.


Building a new pool is a process that demands a certain investment but that also requires time. Each step is crucial and deserves particular attention. What budget is available? Which kind of pool should be chosen? What options are available on the market? The list goes on. That is why we suggest beginning the research right away!


Timing is of the essence!

Taking the time to begin research as early as in the month of March will insure a higher rate of long-term satisfaction when it comes to the final result, but can also go a long way in guaranteeing that the construction is completed in a timely fashion. Spring season is usually a busy one for pool-builders. Not to mention the benefit of enjoying the new pool starting from the early days of Summer.


Which steps can be completed during the month of March?

Despite lasting Winter weather, the month of March is ideal for the pre-planning and designing of the pool of your dreams. While the snow continues to thaw, here are a few recommended steps to follow that can help advance your construction project no matter the meteorological conditions.


Step 1: Find inspiration and dream big!

Every big project starts with a little reverie and imagination! To begin, we recommend that you flip through some lifestyle magazines, surf the web for some websites dedicated to the subject matter, click around the various social media platforms and fuel up on inspiration on the Val-Mar website of course! This step will essentially allow you to conceptualize a pool suited to your needs and style.

Step 2: Get informed on the technical side of things

Next up, we recommend that you inquire about the types of interior pool coatings, the types of inground and semi-inground pools, as well as the necessary water treatment systems that are available on the market. It would also be the right time to begin delimiting your budget and priorities more precisely. At Val-Mar, our professional staff offers these types of services absolutely free, as well as the implementation and installation  within your grounds.


Step 3: Making a choice


Durability and longevity, entirely customizable, a hassle-free coating and a “all-terrain” design!

Concrete is a composite material that is advantageous because of its durability and robustness. It allows for a monobloc structure that cannot be separated and undone, therefore guaranteeing the pool’s longevity. Hence, a concrete pool is inherently more timeproof and weatherproof. Val-Mar adapts to your requirements with tailor-made proposals! We offer a personalized estimate on location or at our offices.

Building a concrete pool covers satisfies every need. Concrete allows for custom construction that can be personalized through a variety of:

  • Shapes: square, rectangular, circular, bean-shaped, etc.
  • Sizes and dimensions: standard, high-end swim lane up to 25 metres, lower 10m² swimming basin, etc.
  • Models: infinity, mirrored, semi-underground or minipool, with or without submerged beach, etc.

Concrete is naturally impermeable. Despite that fact, it is recommended to include a coating in addition for guaranteed waterproofing. To that effect, the concrete can be covered with tiling, waxed material, paint or our recommended Pebbletec coating for concrete. The choice is all yours.

No matter the type of terrain, the construction of the ciment body can be implemented on a slope, in the woods or on rocky ground.

Following such thorough research, one usually tends to feel more confident about selecting their pool-building business of choice which will in turn to transform the concept into concrete reality (no pun intended), while remaining within the margins of the budget and style. Better informed, you are more likely to end up with a swimming pool which meets your every expectations.

Small tips to simplify the process

If the above-detailed steps seem a little overwhelming, please don’t hesitate to reach us at 514.832.0550 or to write us at It will be our pleasure to help you design your pool and point you in the right direction in terms of the variety of options that are readily-available, therefore allowing you to make a more enlightened and informed decision. That is our specialty after all!