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The Grey Pool: Trending in 2019


The grey pool is being heralded as the latest trend in 2018/2019! With such a coating, the final result remains modern and contemporary. The grey also makes a popular call-back to the industrial style, fashionable and highly in demand. Ranging from the light greys to the darker tones, the possibilities are endless for an end result that is uniquely personalized to your image.


Light Grey Quartz/Quartzroc/Quartz Rock/Quartz Stone

In this case, the pool’s light grey coating offers a turquoise tint to the water, effectively matching the Provençal-inspired exterior design. The clearness of the water allows for beautiful reflections of the backyard vegetation along the pool’s surface, which is a large and predominant centerpiece of the residence! This light grey coating blends the pool to the decor seamlessly, unlike white or sand-colored choices.

Dark Grey Marble/Marbleroc/Marble Rock

This dark grey coating gives noticeable depth to the pool coloration, allowing for visual harmony between the water and the sky, just like magic! The submerged beach raised barely under the surface makes the darker coating clearly noticeable. This pool is at the heart of the comfort zone which is located away from the residence, making the entire area distinctively dedicated to relaxation. The coating colour looks particularly natural which blends the pool to the rampant wild flora.

“IMPERIAL” Grey Coating

This grey pool perfect complements the ultra modern villa landscaping and its warm undertones. The exterior design choices were made to fall in line with the pool edges and its “imperial” color (with glitter). A lighter coating choice would undermine the contemporary, understated environment. This body of water located smack in the middle of the terrace meshes exquisitely and due to the color, creates the illusion of a river streaming along the residence.

Grey Plaster

This compact urban pool features a lovely grey coating allowing for bright blue waters. The terrace’s centralized aquatic body compliments the wall of vegetation as well as the surrounding wooden floor. The entire picture gives off an ultra contemporary vibe that one would be hard pressed to attain with a white plaster or sand-colored coating. Considering the tighter quarters, the nuanced choice of grey illuminates and opens up the final result.