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The “Pool Staging” Wave


What Is Pool Staging?

There is a plethora of reasons that could lead you to consider renovating your pool! Perhaps a recent home purchase came with an older model that is out of style? Perhaps the one that you own is starting to show its age? Or perhaps your tastes have simply evolved since your purchase? Whether you are looking for a major or minor improvement, pool staging is your answer.

Pool staging consists of developing a list of solutions in order to renovate a pool and update its design one improvement at a time. Whether you are looking to freshen up your backyard or for modifications that will reduce maintenance costs, here are six methods to immediately get started on your pool staging:

  • Build stairs to introduce an architectural element to your pool
    This is simple addition to your concrete pool can make all the difference. Not only are stairs a practical plus, particularly for younger swimmers, it’s also a valuable design element that is entirely customizable according to tastes and needs. This coming springtime, you could finally get rid of that rusting ladder hanging on the ledge of your pool and replace it with a stunning staircase for a sophisticated result.

  • Modify the light setup to introduce a new ambiance
    A detail for some, yet one that completely transforms your summer nights! A properly-lit pool greatly improves the ambiance of an alluring backyard, particularly during a evening of BBQ. You can opt for an LED lighting system which is not only eco-friendly but also available in a wide variety of colors.

  • A fresh coating for a nearly unrecognizable inground pool
    In need of drastic improvements? Why not slap on a fresh pool coating? With this method, your choice and control over its style and appearance is vast. We recommend going for quality material in order to extend the lifespan of your concrete pool. At Val-Mar, the Pebble Tec brand of coating has us praising its benefits year after year. In addition to being top of the line, they are durable and their quality is exceptional!

  • A pool borders and pavement makeover for a new look
    Beyond the pool itself, there is the option of renovating its borders along with the surrounding pavement. This is what one could call “feeding two birds with one scone”: on the one end, the pool’s appearance is improved and on the other, the overall look of your backyard also benefits from a fresh look.

  • Repairs and remodeling
    Is your pool racking up years? Are you considering expanding or modifying its layout? No need to start from scratch. Every year, many of our clients call upon our expertise in order to renovate & detail their pool. Over time, our team has developed a series of methods which allows us to transform a modest pool into an oasis straight out of a dream.
  • Revisit your cleaning method
    You’re an aquatic lover but you have less patience when it comes to pool upkeep and maintenance? It is now possible to purchase an automated pool cleaning system. You can also find programed systems that can automatically adjust alkalinity, pH and chlorine levels. In Quebec, Val-Mar is a proud exclusive distributor of Paramount, a company that specializes in automatic cleaning systems, as well as Accu-tab, water quality and stability product experts. No more Sunday mornings dedicated to pool-related chores; you can now spend the entirety of your weekend soaking!

Convinced yet? Are you ready to dive head first into your pool staging? Drop us a call at 514.832.0550, it would be our utmost pleasure to guide you along your objectives and to help you realize your renovation ambitions!