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The experienced Val-Mar team is specially trained to refresh your pools lining. This colors and textures in your lininggivethe pool its personality and influences the colours in the water. Choose non-slip, it makes the steps or the submerged beach safer. The increase in pool lining options in recent decades provides an easy way to truly customize your pool:

  • Pool tiles: These are tiles or stone coverings, mosaics, glass mosaics, enamels, etc. They possess a certain charm and are very durable.
  • Pool paints: These are not very resistant over time and are less-frequently used, but their lower cost makes them an interesting alternative. Paint is the least expensive coating but it must be redone at least every 5 years. These renovations have a cost, and it is also necessary to completely empty and then re-fill the pool.
  • Pebble Technologies’ Pebbletec cement finishes are elegant and long-lasting…Each PebbleTecMC, PebbleSheenMC, PebbleFinaMC and BeadCreteMC pool lining is a unique work of art, suited to its environment. Our carefully selected installers, accredited by Pebble Technology, Inc, apply these products. These coatings retain their beautiful appearance over the years and last longer than traditional pool coatings.

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