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Pool staging involves providing solutions to bring your pool up to date and to make changes to it as you wish.

Recent trends indicate that there are two kinds of customers: those who have had their pool built and wish to improve its comfort or style, and those who have purchased a home equipped with a swimming pool but they wish to renovate it to their liking, just like updating their home decor or doing renovations.

Pool staging: For a more stylish and more comfortable pool

Increasingly more owners want to update their pools to improve comfort and style while moving towards a lower consumption pool. Expert advice from Val-Mar’s professionals makes all of this possible.

If your pool filtration and plumbing systems are worn out, Val-Mar will completely overhaul them. We can optimize your disinfection and filtration system, increasing its efficiency. Val-Mar professionals will repair leaks and perform pressure tests to check your plumbing’s air-tightness.

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